Survey among non-academic employers on the added value of a PhD

What is the added value of a doctorate degree for a job outside academia?

DocEnhance invites all non-academic employers to fill out a short consultation survey about the added value of a PhD.  
The project aims at enhancing existing doctorate programmes by providing a more career-oriented curriculum for doctorate programmes and by preparing PhD holders to work in a variety of jobs outside university.

This survey targets non-academic employers – human resources, or management. The main themes of the questionnaire are the recruitment of doctorate holders; skills and competencies needed in within the organisation as well as collaboration with universities and research organisations.

The survey does not collect personal data, and it collects minimal general information about your organisation only such as size, country or sector. It should take you about 10  minutes to fill out. 

The survey will be open until 18 November 2021.

We greatly appreciate your input towards ultimately making PhD graduates more society and industry-ready.

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