Research careers are rarely a single, predetermined path. A successful career involves being prepared to deviate from previous paths and explore entirely new options, and this doesn’t always come readily. An under-exploited career-path is entrepreneurship. It may require specific competencies, it is available to researchers at all career stages!

Success also hinges on flexibility and soft skills gained outside formal job descriptions. Training in career management should be started early and integrated as a natural part in any curriculum, regardless of career stage. 

Learn how to:

Reflect upon personal strengths, weaknesses and life goals
Develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication and self-management skillss
Act upon entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities and transform them into value by mobilising resources and networks

The course on Career management and entrepreneurship has been prepared by the InnoExc GmbH team (Innovation Excellence Hub – a platform for innovators and investors). It will be piloted at NOVA University of Lisbon and at Tampere University. The three main building blocks are Competence (set of knowledge, skills and attitudes), Value creation (from humans’ activity to generation of value for someone), and Being entrepreneurial (looking at things from different perspectives).