A EU-funded project that will create international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary units to increase possibilities for PhD graduates' proper employability.


A two-year European Strategic Partnership project that aims to improve the implementation and recognition of ERASMUS+ mobility for PhD candidates.


The FAIRsFAIR - Fostering Fair Data Practices in Europe - project aims to support the development and concrete realisation of an overall knowledge infrastructure on academic quality data management, procedures, standards, metrics and related matters, based on the FAIR principles.

PRIDE Network, Association for Professionals in Doctoral Education

The Association for Professionals in Doctoral Education aims to be the leading professional resource for the advancement of professionals in doctoral education, including those who wish to learn more about the field and pursue a career as higher education professionals.‚Äč

European PhD Hub

an online portal for industrial doctoral cooperation and funding opportunities.

SAF 21 : Social Science Aspects of Fisheries for the 21st Century

Focus on EU fisheries, a complex system, to develop effective fisheries management strategies. Offer a practical, collaborative approach to learning, combining research with developing business management skills through placements and training.


A transnational skills programme to enhance the employability of researchers. The project is developing an innovative generic-skills course for researchers of all career stages, geared towards enhancing their employability beyond academia.

ISPAS: Paths to Successful Innovation

A collaborative programme that involves academic and non-academic partners from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, and Norway, ISPAS supports PhD candidates by developing an innovative joint curriculum to enhance their skills and competencies in the areas of open innovation and open science.


Aims at educating, supervising, and training researchers to face the future challenges in smart wearables and wireless computing and enhance their career prospects by training them in a multi-sector cross-country environment and teaching them to think globally. The A-WEAR project will be one forum for the mobility module of DocEnhance pilot courses.