The course concept of DocEnhance relies on the Open Access and Innovation principles

MODULE 1 I Online lectures

Lectures cover theory, concepts, tools and case studies. Freely available online on the DocEnhance Platform and piloted by our partner universities. Familiarise yourself with the theme before deciding if you want to move on! No strings attached, freely available online.

MODULE 2 I Local working teams

Build upon the lectures in physical, collaborative and interdisciplinary workgroups with our partner universities! Group exercises and discussions will draw upon local resources and meet local demands. You can attend this module as a guest at another Higher Education Institution.

DocEnhance will help Higher Education Institutions organise this module with practical suggestions for course structure and material: practical skills training, discussions, reflection, and problem-based group assignments.

MODULE 3 I Regional assignments with employers

Put into practice the theoretical and practical skills acquired in the previous modules in a non-academic setting! Regional, concrete assignments, with a focus on innovation will be offered by our partner universities and their non-academic collaborators. 

We will provide practical guidelines for structuring, defining and supervising the assignment to facilitate the organisation of this module at a regional level with international participation.

Due to the modular structure, the course participants will be able to choose from a large pool of prospective future employers across sectors and borders, increasing international, -cultural and -sectoral mobility and networking opportunities.

> Three pilot courses on transferable skills

> Resources all accessible on the DocEnhance Platform