Founded in 1499, the University of Alcalá (UAH) is a public university with more than 28,000 students and 1,900 academic staff. It currently runs 36 degree and 45 master studies on its 3 campuses in the fields of Health, Social Science and Law, Humanities, Science and Engineering and Computer Science. UAH is located in an industrial environment that provides an advantageous situation for the development of research projects in collaboration with private industries. UAH has obtained funding for 8 projects under H2020, one of which is coordinated by UAH. The university has furthermore obtained funding for 29 projects under FP7, four of them as coordinator, and for 28 projects and contracts under different R&I programmes and initiatives in Europe, four of them funded under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme with two projects coordinated by UAH. The UAH Doctoral School has 29 doctoral programmes with 1404 students enrolled in the 2017-18 academic year. Almost 25% of them are foreign students. UAH has participated in 20+ Erasmus+ Programmes from 2014. UAH has a relevant role in the European PhD Hub project by providing collaborations from the business sector and other stakeholders. UAH is also involved in C3QA, an Erasmus+ Programme to extend the European PhD framework to other non-EU countries such as Ukraine, Mongolia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. In addition, UAH is leading an MSCA Co-fund action entitled “Got Energy Talent”. This action tries to enhance the collaboration among the business and academia sectors by sending PhD researchers out of Spain in order to develop and collect information related to the energy field.