Three transferable skills courses ready to be piloted

DocEnhance courses on transferable skills enter into the piloting phase

Three courses on transferable skills for PhD graduates and their supervisors are currently being designed and developed for the DocEnhance project They cover:

  • Data stewardship
  • Career management and entrepreneurship
  • Supervision

Each course consists of three modules:

  1. Online lectures,
  2. Local group work
  3. Regional assignments.

The first module was designed as a digital format right from the beginning of the project, while the second and third modules were initially to be held as local workshops, providing personal interaction between teachers, stakeholders and participants. Given the pandemic situation, we are considering adapting modules 2 and 3 to a hybrid format, including virtual mobility and the use of digital tools for participants’ group work and regional stakeholders’ involvement.

During 2020, the three courses modules structure and content were prepared by different project partners, in close cooperation with the team working with the piloting universities. The content’s adequacy and attractiveness were taken into account, as well as the technical aspects: the choice of the platform (mainly Moodle), the format and length of the videos and exercises, as well as the course branding. Information flyers and other promotional materials of the courses were designed and prepared to attract future course participants.

The course on Data stewardship has been developed by the UiT – The Arctic University of Norway and will be piloted at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czechia and at Karlstad University, Sweden. Ten thematic elements include individual steps of the research data management lifecycle from data collection through the data storage, sharing, and publishing to data search and re-use. A chapter on preparing a data management plan will also be included. The FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data principles should be emphasized.

The course on Career management and entrepreneurship has been prepared by the InnoExc GmbH team (Innovation Excellence Hub – a platform for innovators and investors). It will be piloted at NOVA University of Lisbon and at Tampere University. The three main building blocks are Competence (set of knowledge, skills and attitudes), Value creation (from humans’ activity to generation of value for someone), and Being entrepreneurial (looking at things from different perspectives).

The course on Supervision has been created by Tampere University, Finland. The course will be piloted at Matej Bel University, Slovakia, and at the University of Alcalá, Spain. The course resources are created in a flexible way to fit different audiences, target groups, and course formats. Both the academic supervision and collaboration with non-academic stakeholders are covered. The importance of career guidance is emphasized. The course is aimed to be attractive for supervisors, thus the focus is more on professional development than on “training”.

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