The DocEnhance platform to be released in February 2021

Test version live in a few more weeks…

Transferable skills courses, a network of academic and non-academic professionals, and more resources. A test version of the DocEnhance platform, one of the core outputs of our Horizon 2020 project, is soon to be released…

Back at the beginning of 2020, right after project partners had the chance to meet (physically!) in Tromsø (Norway); our team of techies, marketers and developers took up the challenge of conceptualising the DocEnhance platform. It was paramount to us that the platform should allow for a seamless user-experience, be adaptable, sustainable and open.

To ensure efficient uptake of the project’s outputs and develop synergies with existing projects, the DocEnhance platform will be integrated to the PhDHub platform. Why? Because both serve the same overarching purpose: making PhD training more professionalising, transparent and open.

The PhDHub is an existing online portal for business-driven research and PhD training. It centralises open positions and funding opportunities from public and private sectors and facilitates matching research interests.

The Open Courses developed within DocEnhance will be integrated to this Hub, matching their existing resources.

The DocEnhance e-learning environment has been created on Moodle and includes innovative transferable skills courses on data stewardship, career management & entrepreneurship, and supervision. These modular courses, associating online courses with local working teams and regional assignments, will allow all users to follow the courses, be trained and gain new skills online.

Thanks to advanced semantic features developed within PhDHub, the DocEnhance courses will be connected to the Open Positions published by ESCO and Eurodoc, facilitating PhD graduates’ employability.

Starting in February, the higher education institution members of the DocEnhance project will be the first to pilot, implement and adapt this creative environment to their needs.

In the future, the platform will allow many other higher education institutions to benefit from the resources and infrastructure, by uploading existing content on the DocEnhance Moodle or creating new courses.

Stay tuned on social media to know about the first release of the platform in February 2021.

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