Stakeholder meeting in Tampere

Transferable skills in the industrial sector, Finland

2 October 2020, Finland

Stakeholder meeting 2.10.2020 Tampere University, Finland (photo Jonne Renvall)

Tampere University Doctoral School together with the Doctoral School of Industrial Innovation organized a Stakeholder meeting in Tampere on the 2nd of October 2020.  The participants in the Stakeholder meeting formed an excellent group to discuss the development of doctoral education in collaboration between the university and stakeholders. The group included responsible representatives from the doctoral programs, the Doctoral School, DSII, both from the SME and big companies and the Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Objectives of the meeting

As the starting point for the discussions the workshop raised the following questions.

1) Do PhDs have the skills needed in different work environments, companies, or organizations?

2) How would the collaboration, roles and division of labor ideally work between university and other actors?

3) What are key transferable skills needed?

The meeting also investigated possibilities of companies and other stake-holders stronger involvement in the planning and organizing of doctoral education. This allows sharing of better understanding of doctoral skills and competencies and making extensive use of stake-holders’ research knowledge.


The conclusions of the discussions were summed with focus on

1) the skills especially important for doctoral researchers working in a company context during the doctoral education,

2) how the collaboration between the company and university could best operate to ensure the development of these skills.  

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