All project outputs will be provided as freely available Open Educational Resources through the DocEnhance Platform

Deliverable Submission
Good practice recommendations for integration of transferable skills training in PhD programmes (D1.1)Read the abstractJuly 2020
Report on career tracking of PhD graduates (D1.2)June 2021
Good practice recommendations for implementation of the career-tracking survey (D1.3)December 2021
Final roadmap for implementation of the DocEnhance resources (D1.4)September 2022
The DocEnhance curriculum (D2.1)June 2021
Index list of recommended online courses (D2.2)June 2021
Pilot course in Data stewardshipSeptember 2022
Pilot course in Career management and entrepreneurshipSeptember 2022
Pilot course in SupervisionSeptember 2022
Interaction model for educational collaboration between the academic and non-academic sector Read the abstractDecember 2020
Good practice recommendations for DocEnhance course concept implementation (D3.2)July 2022
Implementation of the pilot course in Data stewardshipSeptember 2022
Implementation of the pilot course in Career management andentrepreneurshipSeptember 2022
Implementation of the pilot course in SupervisionSeptember 2022
Good practice recommendations for evaluation of PhD courses in transferable skills (D4.5)June 2022
European voluntary standard (CWA)December 2022
1st Policy BriefRead the abstractMarch 2021
2nd Policy BriefDecember 2022