The TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) is a central academic institution at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. It promotes structured training for doctoral candidates, and collaborates with the degree-awarding institutions at TUM to provide the best possible supervision. TUM-GS was founded in 2009 and is the only one of its kind in Germany thanks to its comprehensive, university-wide format. As of 2014, all TUM doctoral candidates are automatically part of TUM-GS. Currently, over 7,000 doctoral candidates are members of TUM-GS and benefit from extensive qualification and continued education programs as well as from target group-specific services and advising. In 2017, TUM-GS participated in the first ESF alumni survey. A total of 1078 doctorate holders from TUM participated in the survey, which represents 18% of graduates with obtainable contact information and 17% of all graduates in the organisation’s overall target population. Based on the experiences of the first alumni survey, TUM-GS wants to contribute to the further development of the survey tool as well as use the results of a second survey to improve its qualification programme in order to adequately support doctoral candidates during their doctorate and prepare them for their future careers in and outside academia. Furthermore, TUM-GS initiated the ProMUC network, a Munich-wide working group involving the universities entrusted with awarding doctoral degrees as well as cooperating universities of applied sciences, research institutes, as well as private companies with a strong focus on research and development. ProMUC defined guidelines for doctoral projects that take place in cooperation with these external stakeholders. Through the exchange within this network, TUM-GS gained comprehensive insight into the demands and skills that are asked of doctorate holders, also when leaving academia and pursuing a career in other sectors.