Tampere University (TAU) is the second biggest university in Finland. The university continually strengthens the culture of international collaboration and digitalisation of its campuses and promotes sustainable societal renewal, social innovation and speer-head research in health, technology and social sciences. The TAU Doctoral School (est. 2011) is an institutional-level doctoral training expert that supports the interdisciplinary academic expertise and employability of all doctoral researchers. Together with doctoral programmes, the School offers excellent, systematic, and up-to-date training to researchers at all career levels. We provide a space for doctoral researchers to develop their research and innovation activities and transferable skills in multidisciplinary learning and lifelong partnerships. Some 220 doctorates are defended on a yearly basis at TAU. The Doctoral School’s courses and other interdisciplinary events bring together the 2400 doctoral-level researchers across all faculties and their 23 doctoral programmes.