Karlstad University (KAU) is a civic university located in central Sweden. It currently hosts around 70 education programmes and 900 courses within humanities, social studies, science, technology, teaching, health care and the arts. At present, the university has approximately 16,000 students, 800 academic staff and 400 support staff across its campuses in Karlstad and Arvika. KAU’s research programmes have a broad scope, positioning it well for engagement in successful collaborations with a range of partners from within the academy and beyond, from major national and international companies, such as Stora Enso and Billerud Korsnäs, to public bodies, such as the Värmland region. This strongly rooted collaborative approach with public and private actors provides the university with significant expertise in, and opportunities for, the utilisation of research and the wider employability of researchers. KAU offers a range of innovative doctoral training programmes in transferable skills, several of which are run in co-operation with other universities nationally and internationally. These include the Innovation Office Fyrklövern’s PhD course “The Impact and Utilisation of Research”, which helps students understand how to benefit wider society through their research, and which covers areas such as Intellectual Property Rights, funding policy, entrepreneurship, and “research pitching” using the NABC method. In addition, KAU coordinates the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership “TRANSPEER: a Transnational Project to Enhance the Employability of Researchers”, which seeks to develop transferable skills that will serve participants well in both academic and non-academic careers.