European Doctoral Tuesdays I Series of Webinars

The “European Doctoral Tuesdays” is a series of webinars organised around the thematic of doctoral education and training in October. The DocEnhance partners hosted the third webinar on “Transferable skills for early-stage researchers” on 20 October. The DocEnhance project outputs served as a good basis for reflecting on the importance of developing transferable skills intelligence readiness and provision in higher education institutions and improving the awareness of early-stage researchers about their skillset and the skills of the future, within and outside academia.

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  • DocEnhance present at the EuroDoc Annual Conference
    Transferable skills in doctoral education: Experience from the DocEnhance project  EuroDoc Conference 2021 14 – 15 July, Prague and online DocEnhance is pleased to share the project's experience at the EuroDoc's Annual Conference on "Improving Doctoral Training in Europe" Nowadays, early-career researchers face insufficient knowledge about Open Science, research ethics and integrity. Support in matters … Read more
  • DocEnhance Stakeholder Evaluation workshop
    Take part in evaluating the DocEnhance Platform! 13 September, 10:00 – 12:00 CET, online The DocEnhance project aims to enhance skills intelligence and integration into existing PhD programmes in Europe, and to increase interaction and exposure to the non-academic sector. To achieve this, the project is developing a series of transferable skills courses, a recommended … Read more
  • DocEnhance first annual meeting
    DocEnhance project’s annual meeting was held online from 11-12 January, gathering the members of the project’s consortium and external advisory board. Impact of Covid 19 on doctoral education The two-day conference was introduced by Alexander Hasgall, Head of the EUA-CDE, EUA Council for Doctoral Education and member of the External advisory Board, who discussed the … Read more
  • Regional Stakeholder workshops
    What are the transferable skills most needed across Europe? Over the last four months of 2020, four workshops on transferable skills were held by DocEnhance partners for external stakeholders issued from various European countries. Each workshop focused on a specific career sector chosen to represent crucial challenges of the 21st century: industrial, technological, non-profit and … Read more
  • Stakeholder meeting on Data management
    Regional stakeholder workshop in Norway on Data Management 10 November, onlineHeld by the Arctic University of Norway (UiT) Objectives Get insight from regional stakeholders on their use of data management: what kind of data do they hold and manage, what challenges do they have when using available existing data, and what use may they have of … Read more

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